Month: February 2016

I Am Still Fixing Up My House

It took me quite a long time to save up the money for this house and it was not precisely ready to live in when I bought it. It has taken me a full year to get the actual house in proper condition. I had to renovated both of the baths and the kitchen, plus the floors had to be polished. Obviously you have to paint, although that was mostly the fact that I did not like the walls. Right now I am looking at cctv kits and trying to figure out what is the best way to go when I install a security system. In fact the back garden is walled in with an old stone wall that a grown man can just barely look over. You would not want to try to climb over it without some precautions, as it has broken glass embedded in it as is the style with many such walls. The back gate has a good lock on it, but you would assume a decent thief could get around that. I was sort of wondering how you put a motion sensor on a garden gate, seeing as though you need a keypad to stop it from waking up the neighbors every time you come home late at night. Obviously you would train one of the cctv cameras on the gate, and you would probably want to let this be obvious. The things are probably better suited for deterrence than anything else. A smart thief is going to want to get away with the deed and he is going to look for the easy way. So if I have an alarm system and cctv cameras, the guy who wants to make easy money is not going to break in to my place. He’ll go look for something else.

Deals on Pretty Vintage Jewellery

I would like to buy my wife something special for our anniversary. When we first got married, I gave her the ring that her grandmother wore when she was married and it was really special to her. Unfortunately, she lost it at some point along the way and we were never able to find it. I am looking for vintage jewellery at the moment because I want to get her something that is fairly similar to what she lost, and I know that nothing will ever replace the special nature of the last ring that she had, considering that it came from her grandmother and all of that. But I hope that a nice gesture like this will help to numb the pain of the lost and that it will help her to move one.

She was actually quite devastated after it happened, and I guess I can understand why, but at the same time, it seemed like perhaps a bit of an overreaction. But since I could not really be in her shoes, it is hard to say for sure. Her grandmother died a few years ago, and it could be that losing the ring really brought back some painful memories of the death.

I know that she was really quite close to her grandmother when she was growing up, and she was almost like a second mother to her. Not quite that close of a bond, as parent and child, but suffice to say they were very close. Anyway, I need to start browsing some jewellery because I would like to be able to pick out something to buy her by the end of the day today. I am not going to rush to a decision though if I am not able to find something that I think she will really like.